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We at Slow Flow are a network of tour operators united by the passion for the natural wonders of Veneto and the desire to share our know-how with the most curious lovers of slow, responsible and more sustainable tourism. This is why we have prepared for you a series of quality experiences to allow you to immerse yourself at a “slow” pace in the most beautiful environments of the region.

At the center of it all there is water, rivers, canals and navigable basins on which we will accompany you aboard boats of different shapes and uses, making you rediscover the magic of seeing the world from another perspective. Also on the water we offer you other exciting activities, sometimes adventurous and other times traditional, such as kayaking and fishing. And for a 360-degree experience from water to land, we provide you with different types of bikes that, once landed, will allow you to explore the mainland, its peculiarities and its famous attractions. We know that everyone has different tastes and needs: we have therefore made our experiences accessible and customizable based on everyone's wishes and modeled on different moments in everyone's life.

Together, and thanks also to your help, we are committed to evolving and creating an always new and avant-garde offer that combines our passion and competence with your desire to live original and satisfying experiences. So you can travel in a new, slow, sustainable way, visiting unusual and pure places.

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Who has just returned says ...

SIle, Caorle, Riviera Berica, Riviera del Brenta, Riviera Euganea ... and again Venice, Chioggia, Padua, Vicenza, the Po Delta, the Venetian Lagoon ... in short, a really wide offer for travel lovers # slow!
Claudia Zarabara
I recommend trying all the river navigation experiences because they are linked to all different territories. The companies involved are all usefully professional and nice!
Claudia Baldin