Chioggia, Pellestrina and the Southern Lagoon of Venice

The city of Chioggia, also known as "Little Venice", is a romantic village overlooking the Adriatic Sea to the south of the most famous lagoon city. Its bridges and peaceful harbors combine with the dynamism of fishing that has been practiced for centuries just off its coasts. A few minutes from the seaside village you can find Sottomarina, one of the most popular beaches in the region. To the north of the city there are a group of long and narrow islands reachable by boat among which the Venice Lido, the natural oases of Ca 'Roman and the Alberoni and a series of islets with a cultural vocation such as San Servolo with its Museum of the Asylum, San Lazzaro agli Armeni with its eighteenth-century Armenian Mechitarist Monastery and the uninhabited Poveglia, rich in history and, some say, even ghosts.

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Chioggia: the beauty of Venice,
the tranquility of home

With architecture, bridges and canals very similar to those of Venice, Chioggia was the second most important city in the Republic at the time of the Serenissima. Walking through the streets of the city you will be able to observe a panorama very similar to that of the capital, accompanied by a more peaceful and romantic atmosphere; the plan of the city, however, is its true distinctive feature, due to the characteristic herringbone shape. Fish is what has characterized the life of the city for centuries thanks to the activity of fishing, the traditional boats anchored along the harbor and the famous fish market. Chioggia is also a city of art, do not miss its museums and the artistic interiors of the churches in the historic center!

The colors of Pellestrina
and the sounds of the islands

A few kilometers from Chioggia, a long and narrow strip of land hosts the colorful buildings of Pellestrina that stand out brightly on the lagoon. Around these buildings, a characteristic landscape made of boats, alleys and fish restaurants dominates the area. Crossing sand dunes and the typical Murazzi, you can reach the other part of the island, Ca' Roman, a LIPU oasis characterized by a great variety of birds and their cheerful chirping, where you can swim in complete relaxation. For nature and biodiversity lovers, the locality of Alberoni, north of the Venice Lido, is also very suggestive. The latter, a favorite destination for Venetians for a day on the beach, is also home to luxurious hotels and the Palazzo del Cinema which fills with cheering crowds and celebrities at the beginning of September for the Venice Film Festival.

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