Which fish will bite?

Part of the tradition of our territory for thousands of years, fishing is today the key to an experience on the water full of sport and fun. If you love sport fishing, you cannot fail to try it along the waterways of the Veneto region, one of the most famous fishing area for the types of fish present, including the typical mackerel of the Upper Adriatic. Choose to spend a day fishing with your family, thanks to accessible and safe excursions, and experience the unforgettable emotion of tasting your freshly caught fish on board. Enjoy all the taste of an emotion to remember.

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Who has just returned says ...

SIle, Caorle, Riviera Berica, Riviera del Brenta, Riviera Euganea ... and again Venice, Chioggia, Padua, Vicenza, the Po Delta, the Venetian Lagoon ... in short, a really wide offer for travel lovers # slow!
Claudia Zarabara
I recommend trying all the river navigation experiences because they are linked to all different territories. The companies involved are all usefully professional and nice!
Claudia Baldin