From the Po Delta to the lakes of Mantua

The river network that extends in the southernmost area of ​​Veneto, from the Adriatic Sea to the lakes of Mantua, includes the Fissero Tartaro and Canalbianco waterways, 135 km long, and the Po Delta basin. observe the uncontaminated nature that dominates wild spaces, the extraordinary biodiversity of the Delta and the Ostiglia Marsh as well as the characteristic landscapes of areas that were removed from reclamation in the last century.

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What to see

The kingdom of nature
and biodiversity

For nature lovers this is the right place! The Po Delta area is one of the most important hot spots in the world for the observation of birdlife, as well as an oasis of biodiversity of flora and fauna. You will find 370 species of birds, but also the fossil dunes and the botanical garden of Porto Caleri.
The course of the Fissero Tartaro and Canalbianco then is equally rich in natural extraordinary features, allowing you to visit the last marshy area of ​​the Veneto the Palude Ostiglia, and areas removed from the water by reclamation and now luxuriantly green, such as the Bosco del Tartaro. The river area then arrives at the Mantua lakes surrounded by the beautiful Mincio Park.

Pre-Roman archeology
and Renaissance art

Not only nature, but also interesting cultural opportunities are hidden in the river area that extends from the Po Delta to Mantua. Starting from the Delta you can visit the ancient city of Adria, very famous in the times of ancient Rome, and its archaeological museum which also preserves finds from pre-Roman times. Moving a little towards Emilia-Romagna, rich in history of art and architecture is the Renaissance Ferrara, once the Lordship of the Estensi, as well as, further west, the beautiful Mantua awaits you to visit its historic buildings frescoes made under the domination of the Gonzagas (do not miss Palazzo Te, designed and frescoed in the 500th century by Giulio Romano!).

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SIle, Caorle, Riviera Berica, Riviera del Brenta, Riviera Euganea ... and again Venice, Chioggia, Padua, Vicenza, the Po Delta, the Venetian Lagoon ... in short, a really wide offer for travel lovers # slow!
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I recommend trying all the river navigation experiences because they are linked to all different territories. The companies involved are all usefully professional and nice!
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