The Brenta Riviera and the Euganean Hills

Openmind Travel Ltd.

Agency/Tour Operator

We are an innovative start-up, the first Tour Operator born to transform travel into an opportunity for growth and enrichment for travelers and hosts.

Now imagine a trip where you are the real protagonist. A journey in which you discover unusual places, learn new knowledge, live totally engaging sensory experiences and experience extraordinary changes of perspective.

We know that choosing a trip is a very personal matter, that's why in our exclusive catalogue "Kamelion" you can get inspired by our three symbolic animals:

LEONE if you too, like every king, want only the best, you want to give yourself timeless time and be welcomed and pampered free from all thoughts.
CHAMELEON if you experience the journey as an inner journey of discovery, listening and deep understanding of yourself and the environment that surrounds you.

CAMEL if for you what matters most is contact with nature and the path attracts you more than the destination.

It's time, choose from our proposals the one closest to your style, or write to us to get your exclusive tailor-made journey.


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