From the Po Delta to the lakes of Mantua

Navigazione Marino Cacciatori CNS – Navigazione Marino Cacciatori SNC of Marangon Graziana and Sons

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Foreseeing the future of the Po Delta in tourism, Marino begins to accompany the first visitors with a Venetian taxi, then the schoolchildren with a vaporetto captured by Ermanno Olmi in his “Lungo il Fiume”. In 1987 Marino launched the Venere, the motorboat that is still the flagship of the family fleet today. With an innovative and experimental project, the fleet has recently been extended to include a fully electric propulsion boat capable of hosting up to 50 tourists, underlining the belief that the Delta is a territory to be visited with deep respect and above all with a slow approach. By matching the bike and canoe rental service of the area (Girodelta), created by Marino's brother, the Cacciatori family builds the perfect itinerary to visit the Po Delta in all its splendor. They combine water and land in the Bike & Boat pack: a series of excursions which include both boat trips and bike rides on the mainland.


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