The Northern Lagoon of Venice and the Sile Park

The Venice Lagoon is the 550 square km basin that surrounds the city of Venice, bordered by the Brenta and Sile rivers and, towards the Adriatic Sea, by a coastal strip which includes the most famous beaches in the region. In the lagoon area, in addition to visiting the center of Venice on foot, you can explore the archipelago of islands that surround it, by boat or for some stretches by bike, immersing yourself in history, traditions and biodiversity. Along the course of the Sile river you can stop and admire the medieval and Renaissance palaces of the historic center of Treviso, as well as live an experience in close contact with nature.

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The hidden heritage of the islands: the lagoon edge and the islands of Venice

This territory offers both cultural and natural experiences.
If you love history, you can embark on an exploration of the historical heritage on the Byzantine island of Torcello, or on the tiny San Francesco del Deserto, or learn the trades of our ancestors by observing the masters of glass in Murano and lace in Burano. Also don't miss the archaeological area of ​​the ancient Paleo-Venetian city of Altino which rises on the first mainland above Venice. If you love nature, the lagoon preserves jewel-like places for you, such as the islands of Sant'Erasmo and Mazzorbo crossed by colorful vineyards and characteristic fields.

From Sile to Prosecco

The Sile river, especially near Casale sul Sile, is ideal for kayak lovers thanks to the particular shape of its bed and the luxuriance of the natural landscapes that surround it: the so-called Parco del Sile. Extraordinary also sailed by boat, or coasted by bike, the course of the river allows you to reach places that in the past characterized the life of boatmen, such as industrial mills, abandoned "burci" and bollards with the signs of their hard work. Rural scenarios that blend inextricably with the surrounding natural heritage. Culture and historic centers also characterize the area (in this regard, visit Castelfranco and Treviso), but it is the food and wine that makes the area truly unforgettable: the Sile Park is in fact very close to the renowned Prosecco Hills where you can savor the most famous bubbles in Italy!

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Northern Lagoon of Venice and the Sile Park

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