The Brenta Riviera and the Euganean Hills

The Brenta Riviera, once considered by the Venetians to be the extension of the Grand Canal, runs from Stra to the Venice Lagoon. The Euganean Riviera, on the other hand, connects Padua to Monselice and in the past it was much loved by Petrarch who, while sailing it up to his vineyard in Arquà, composed his rhymes there. The two rivers embrace the waterways of the center of Padua.
In these areas, you can immerse yourself in the magnificence of the villas of the Brenta Riviera, skirt the palaces of the historic center of Padua, and reach the Castello del Catajo and the Rocca di Monselice as you descend towards the Euganean Hills.

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The Venetian Villas

In the Riviera del Brenta you can spend a day discovering the Palladian villas and stately homes built during the era of the Serenissima as holiday homes and agricultural production centers. You can admire Villa Pisani, Villa Foscari Malcontenta, Villa Foscarini Rossi, Villa Foscari Widmann-Rezzonico and many other villas, in addition to the town of Dolo built by the water and, if you move towards the Euganean Hills, you can also visit Villa Vescovi in ​​Luvigliano. These villas, whose interior is often transformed into a museum, are surrounded by majestic gardens to venture into on sunny afternoons.

Villages and castles

Visiting the center of Padua from the water, with its ancient canals and medieval architecture and walls, is only the first step on an itinerary to discover villages and fortifications. Following the Battaglia Canal you can reach the area of ​​Abano and Montegrotto Terme and the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills, beautiful volcanic hills famous for thermal experiences and good wine. In these areas you can visit the Catajo Castle and the town of Battaglia with its bridges and canals, and then continue towards Arquà Petrarca, a romantic medieval village perched on the hill where you can still admire the house of the eponymous poet. From there you can reach the historic center of Este, with its Carrarese Castle, and finally the Monselice Rocca which stands austere on the surrounding hills.

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The waterways of the area of ​​the
Riviera del Brenta and the Euganean Hills

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