The Northern Lagoon of Venice and the Sile Park

Laguna Fla Group - Laguna Fla Group SRL


Laguna Fla Group was founded in 2009 to make Massimiliano's dream come true: making known that part of the Venice lagoon that cannot be reached by public transport. We started sailing with the bonnet, that we already owned, and, given the positive response from tourists, we expanded the fleet by adding the "Romano" Bragozzo. Over the years, collaborators and helpers, family members and others, have followed one another, up to today's reality: a company where the collaboration of the family is the pivot around which everything revolves. We offer historical, naturalistic and educational itineraries in the Venice lagoon. With our typical boats we will accompany you along routes that will remain in your heart, in places rich in history and legends. Alternatively, there is the possibility of renting one of our boats. Our mission is to enhance the most hidden and unknown part of the Venice Lagoon and let our guests discover it.


San Mauro 298
30142 Venice


+39 347 992 2959


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