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The Travel News – Wonders on the waterways

July 28 2023

There is a floating and fluctuating beauty, along the waterways and on board the Slow Flow Veneto Waterways Experience boats, designed to cross the rivers and enter the lagoon, sliding between tree-lined banks and placid waves. It is a slow and sustainable way of travelling, in close contact with nature, which aims to raise awareness of the navigable waterways and their habitat… (Netherlands) – Ontdek Italy anders: Exclusieve en ongewone vakantie-ideeën

July 4 2023

Slow Flow is a netwerk of reisorganisaties, true door of passage for natural wonders of Veneto in wens om kennis you delen met de meest nieuwsgierige liefhebbers longzaam, veriantwoord en duurzaam toerisme..

Italy at the table - Discovering the Veneto through the waterways, for slow and sustainable tourism

July 2 2023

Discover the most evocative environments of the Veneto through the ancient navigable waterways, for slow, responsible and sustainable tourism. This is the objective of Slow Flow – Veneto Waterways Experience, a project that enhances and promotes the Veneto, making people discover the territory from another point of view, …

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June 30 2023

Veneto through the waterways (PDF) – Euganean Riviera, waterways and wonders of the area

June 28 2023

… With the charm of the building still in our eyes and its history and legends in our minds we reach Captain Maurizio Tosetto of Delta Tour Navigazione Turistica, of the Slow Flow network. On board his boat, a former lifeboat developed to…

Travel tips – Slow Flow Veneto Waterways Experience: Why choose slow tourism on the waterways

June 25 2023

Find out here why you should choose the Slow Flow Veneto Waterways Experience river navigation: slow tourism on the waterways, between nature and culture and a thousand opportunities for pleasant discoveries! … – Euganean Riviera, waterways and wonders of the area

June 23 2023

Journey into the nature of the Berici Hills. The village of Mossano and the Valle dei Mulini and the fascinating Vicenza, the theater city of UNESCO World Heritage. The new Slow Flow – Veneto Waterways Experience project to offer an integrated, sustainable and…


June 19 2023

Gravel in the Land of Venice: the Waterway experience


June 18 2023

The Po Delta between history and colors (3 itineraries)

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June 17 2023

The Catajo castle, home of the mercenary Pio Enea degli Obizzi

June 17 2023

In Mira, where the Brenta acts as a liquid walkway to the Venetian villas

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June 15 2023

Veneto seen from the water