From the Po Delta to the lakes of Mantua

Navi Andes


Navi Andes offers river cruises in Mantua, on the lakes, on the Mincio and Po rivers, up to Venice. The proposals are also designed to be included in educational programs and to be an exciting reason to discover a city, its history, its culinary tradition and everything that makes it unique. We transport thousands of children and adults who can discover Mantua from a unique point of view with us, on boats that are attentive to hospitality. The experience of our grandparents has transformed into our professionalism and has allowed us to create new itineraries from Mantua to the lagoon, between water, nature and history. Our mission is an activity centered on the family bond, between tradition and competence. “A black and white that becomes colourful. A story that flows. And we sail."


Sordello Square 48
46100 Mantua


+39 0376 324506


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