From the Po Delta to the lakes of Mantua

Porto Bussari - Porto Bussari by Carlo E Vittorio Mariani & CSAS


The activity, located in the Municipality of Bosaro (Ro) on the right bank of the Canalbianco, overlooks approximately 30.000 square meters of Polesine nature. This area is fenced off with two entrances, one upstream and the other downstream of the Canalbianco (Fissero-Tartaro navigable Canal – Canalbianco equipped for V category vessels from Porto Valdaro in Mantua to Porto Levante – Adriatic Sea). Inside it is possible to park boats, mobile homes, caravans and campers in complete safety and with unlimited access to water and electricity. Our mission is to raise awareness of the little-known landscape of Polesine and the possibility of navigating in the waters of the Canalbianco.


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